At Saginaw Public School, we work in a partnership with parents to teach our students the learning skills and work habits, including organizational and task completion skills that are essential to student success. A planner is an important tool to help in developing these skills, and planners will be used on a daily basis in Grades 1 to 6 classrooms. It is a consistent expectation in every classroom that planners be taken back and forth between school and home every day.

Based on suggestions from students, staff and parents, we have developed and produced Primary and Junior editions of the “Star Planner” for use again this year.

The “Star Planner” will be used to record assignments, due dates, upcoming events, and personal reminders. Many families also use the planner as a convenient way to convey brief messages and questions to teachers. Time is set aside daily in each classroom for students to record assignment details, as well as goals and timelines. The “Star Planner” also acts as a convenient reference for parents and students throughout the school year, as it contains practical information about the current daily operations and general expectations of our school.

Please carefully review the updated information contained in the planner in order to become familiar with current school routines and expectations. Teachers will be reviewing the contents of the planner with their students during the first week of school. We ask that you discuss the information with your child and that you both sign the appropriate page of the planner in the space provided. As well, please establish routines for having your child share the planner at home with you each day.

Please make payments using School Day
The cost for the planner is $7.00