Our School

In September 1998, Saginaw P.S. opened in the rapidly growing Clemens Mill community in east Cambridge. Located on Saginaw Parkway close to Townline Road, our school was named for Cambridge’s sister city of Saginaw, Michigan. In 2002, six classrooms were added to accommodate the student enrolment growth in this neighbourhood.

Our Students

Our students are proud to be the Saginaw ‘Stars’! Every day, the 400 students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 strive to do their ‘shining best’! Our student population consists of a harmonious blend of various cultures and backgrounds from around the globe.

Our Staff

Our teaching and support staff is a dedicated, caring and well qualified team, focused on student achievement. We diligently provide quality instructional and co-curricular programs designed to enhance student learning in a positive and enriching environment. We bring ample enthusiasm and a wealth of expertise ranging from athletics and behaviour to technology and visual arts.

Our teachers work hard to plan and implement quality instructional programs based on the Ontario curricula. We value all subject areas and do our best to offer a balanced program, which includes meaningful and integrated experiences at all grade levels.

Current resources and a variety of off-campus excursions enhance the classroom instruction such as: The Flight Museum, Medieval Times in Ancaster and Chicopee Team Building program are highlights for Junior classes. Students at all grades venture to local sites such as the Children’s Museum, Doon Heritage Crossroads, the Farmers’ Market and the Art Gallery. Special guest authors, musicians and drama troupes are welcomed to present their talents; parents and community members regularly share their expertise and knowledge with our students.

Students in Grades One to Six use a daily Student Planner to record their goals, note due dates and homework tasks, and share school news. They are responsible for carrying the planners back and forth between home and school on a daily basis. Parents appreciate this regular communication, while our students gain organizational skills.

Parents and Community

Working in genuine partnership, our School Council provides leadership and support by organizing parent education workshops, family social events, and fundraising projects. The annual June BBQ, regular pizza lunches and the family fun nights are definite highlights! Our Council meets monthly usually on the last Monday evening at 7pm. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings where discussions focus on the planning of Council activities, system communication, and specific initiatives, which benefit all students. Council’s fundraising projects have supported the purchase of mobile devices, choir risers, an electronic keyboard and cart, and recess games and toys. Significant financial support is given each year to off-campus transportation, special guest presentations, and library learning resources. School Council is committed to greening initiatives.  Passed projects include an outdoor classroom space, creative play area with a number of trees for shade, a large sand area with creative structures for play and a much needed seating area for kids to write, draw and chat with friends.  It’s exciting to see our community getting together to support our Saginaw Star community.

Special Education Programs

Students, who require assistance to master a skill or concept, might benefit from receiving resource support either in class or by participating in a withdrawal program designed for a small group of students with similar needs. Resource Support is normally focused on Language Arts, Mathematics and Social or Learning Skills. More intensive support and program modifications are provided for those students identified with special needs.

For students, who thrive on enriching opportunities, individualized learning challenges and open-ended activities are offered by our teachers, ideally within the classroom setting. Some students attend short term programs based on a theme or specific skill, which are offered by our Board’s itinerant Enrichment personnel.

An Area ASD class is located in a specially designed facility at Saginaw P.S. Students, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder receive personalized support and instruction to develop their communication and social skills. Students participate in school activities with the direct support of specially trained staff.

English as a Second Language Programs

Presently, support for English as a Second Language is given to Primary and Junior students by a certified itinerant teacher. Attention is focused on language acquisition, general learning skills and cultural familiarity.

Safe Schools Initiatives

The Saginaw ‘Stars’ use the Eight Keys of Excellence to help us make wise choices as we interact in the classroom, on the playground and in the community. Sparkle, Shiner and Twinkle, our school star mascots, remind us all to ‘speak with good purpose’, ‘to take ownership for our actions and words’, and ‘to always demonstrate integrity’. Teachers and parents set clear expectations and high standards for our students’ behaviour. A range of consequences is designed to reinforce these expectations and to foster a student’s commitment to consistently behave politely and responsibly.

Our School Climate Committee initiated several programs and special events to help students and their families become more aware of issues related to respect for self and others, bullying, community safety, and building friendships. For example, students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 are organized into cross-graded groups and participate in fun learning activities, which encourage peer friendships, positive mentoring, and leadership skills.

Our school facilities are colourful and clean. Abundant natural light brightens each classroom and the spacious library-resource centre, the hub of our building. Student artwork is framed and proudly displayed throughout our hallways.

Clusters of classrooms include four classrooms and a large, central shared workspace. Each cluster has been designated a colour and the spectrum of hues is repeated in main areas throughout our school, making it a very child-friendly environment.

In each cluster workroom, as well as in our library-resource centre instructional computers are located for ready access by students and staff. Dual Platform computers are networked to a system server making a wide variety of software available for our learners. The cluster workrooms are an extension of the classrooms and provide additional space for special projects, small group instruction, planning meetings and volunteers. Each cluster utilizes ipads as content creation devices to enhance the collaboration and communication when exploring curriculum content.

A full double gymnasium is often used for celebration assemblies, special presentations and concerts, in addition to regular Physical Education classes for our Stars. Various community groups make good use of the gym for their different programs.

The City of Cambridge’s creative play structure and large ball diamond are adjacent to our school property and thoroughly enjoyed by our students at recess times. Children of all grades interact while playing ‘schlockey’, basketball, king’s court and numerous other seasonal games and activities on our tarmac and grassy playground.

The Jacob Hespeler Child Care Centre is located on our school property in a specially designed portable structure. It operates under a special lease agreement with our Board of Education in order to provide a much needed facility for child care in our community. For more information about their school age and pre-school programs, please contact the Child Care staff directly at (519) 740-8066.

The City of Cambridge recognized Saginaw Public School and its architectural team with the presentation of a prestigious award, acknowledging the impressive exterior and surrounding grounds, which enhance the general community appearance.

Our dedicated staff supported by many volunteers offers a variety of co-curricular programs for students. These include Primary and Junior Choirs and various sports teams. Volleyball and Indiana basketball tournaments and Track and Field Meets for area schools are hosted by our staff. Older students gain leadership opportunities by serving as classroom helpers, safety patrols, office assistants and library pages.  In February, the Stars participate in the annual Galt Skating Races,  community highlight for over 70 years.

In the Spring of 2012, over 140 students proudly sang both the Canadian and American national anthems at the Toronto Skydome for a season finale Blue Jays baseball game. 625 staff members and Star families cheered on our choir for this exciting opportunity!

Our students and staff contribute to various community projects including UNICEF and the Food Bank Drives. The annual Jump Rope for Heart Challenge at Saginaw P.S. raises over $4 000 each year to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The Family BBQ held each June is a much anticipated event in our community and a popular way to celebrate our school spirit and another successful year. Featuring games, fun activities, a silent auction and penny raffle, the BBQ is based on a unique theme each year and is organized by a large team of enthusiastic volunteers. Over 1200 people converge on our playground to devour delicious foods, participate in some wholesome fun, and support our school.

At Saginaw Public School, we are very proud of the accomplishments of our students. Data from the system and provincial standardized tests consistently indicate that our students continue to achieve well and meet our high academic standards. Our teachers work diligently to offer quality instructional programs, based on the Ontario curricula, and routinely reinforce the students’ acquisition of the important learning skills.

The staff is currently focusing our efforts and professional development in three key areas:

  • Literacy (Writing Programs)
  • Communication in Mathematics, and
  • Positive School Climate

Different initiatives, such as developing student’s ability to communicate their thinking in math are intended to enhance our students’ perceptions of themselves as capable mathematicians. Teachers are collaborating to ensure that all curriculum expectations and genres are being introduced and addressed progressively through the grades. A range of assessment tools and strategies is being employed to evaluate student achievement and plan programs.