As you may know, many schools in the county have adopted a Boomerang Lunch policy! Again, Saginaw Public School will be participating. All waste from your child’s snacks/lunches will be returned home in their lunch bags. This includes all packaging, uneaten food and leftovers. Please prepare by looking into reusable alternatives to plastic baggies and over packaged lunch items including juice boxes.

What to do:

  • Use reusable containers to pack snack and lunch items
  • Use a lunch bag with a wipe clean interior
  • Talk with your child about bringing home any food or garbage left over from his or her lunch


A Boomerang lunch provides you with first-hand knowledge of the eating habits and preferences of your child. By carrying home the leftovers you can see what’s been eaten or not. Teachers see a huge amount of uneaten food go into the garbage day after day. This is not only wasteful but expensive. We know this is asking families to re-think food preparations and student actions but our hope is that informative discussions will take place and habits will change. Packing a waste free lunch not only helps the environment it can also result in healthier more nutritious snack/lunches. Many pre-packaged foods contain significant amounts of salt, preservatives, sugar and fat. There is also a cost savings as lunches made of pre-packaged items can cost $4.50 or more while a waste free lunch costs around $2.50. Your cooperation with this program is greatly appreciated!