This week, October 23-29, is Canadian Down Syndrome Week. This campaign celebrates and showcases the abilities of people with Down syndrome. It also aims to educate, raise public awareness and advocate for acceptance and inclusion.

What is Down syndrome?

When a person is born with Down syndrome, it means they have an extra copy of chromosome 21. This additional chromosome happens during cell division when the egg and sperm meet. Every person born with the condition is different, with the effects of the extra genetic material varying greatly.

Helpful Reminders:

  1. Engage and interact with people who have Down syndrome like anyone else your age.
  2. Speak directly to the person you’d like to communicate with, you don’t have to go through a parent or teacher.
  3. Avoid offensive or outdated language when communicating, you can find the National Down Syndrome Society’s language guide here.
  4. People with Down syndrome are fully capable of gainful employment and are an asset to workplaces across the country.
  5. Don’t perpetuate myths, like believing people with this condition are always happy, all look the same, or can’t live independently. These falsehoods are damaging and hurtful to people living with Down syndrome and their families.

Additional Resources

To learn more about people living with Down syndrome, including challenges, common misconceptions and to gain a deeper understanding, visit the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s website. Together, we can advocate for a more accepting and inclusive future for all.

Join the Conversation

Join us in recognizing Canadian Down Syndrome Week on social media using #SeeTheAbility and tag @WRDSB on Twitter and Facebook, or @WR_DSB on Instagram.